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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
of_dimension_tA dimension
of_fast_enumeration_state_tState information for fast enumerations
of_list_object_tA list object
of_point_tA point
of_range_tA range
of_rectangle_tA rectangle
OFAcceptFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that accepting a connection failed
OFAddressTranslationFailedExceptionAn exception indicating the translation of an address failed
OFAllocFailedExceptionAn exception indicating an object could not be allocated
OFAlreadyConnectedExceptionAn exception indicating an attempt to connect or bind an already connected or bound socket
OFApplicationRepresents the application as an object
<OFApplicationDelegate>A protocol for delegates of OFApplication
OFArrayAn abstract class for storing objects in an array
OFAutoreleasePoolA pool that keeps track of objects to release
OFBigDataArrayA class for storing arbitrary big data in an array
OFBindFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that binding a socket failed
OFBlockThe class for all blocks, since all blocks are also objects
OFChangeDirectoryFailedExceptionAn exception indicating changing to a directory failed
OFChangeFileModeFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that changing the mode of a file failed
OFChangeFileOwnerFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that changing the owner of a file failed
<OFCollection>A protocol with methods common for all collections
<OFComparing>A protocol for comparing objects
OFConditionA class implementing a condition variable for thread synchronization
OFConditionBroadcastFailedExceptionAn exception indicating broadcasting a condition failed
OFConditionSignalFailedExceptionAn exception indicating signaling a condition failed
OFConditionStillWaitingExceptionAn exception indicating that a thread is still waiting for a condition
OFConditionWaitFailedExceptionAn exception indicating waiting for a condition failed
OFConnectionFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that a connection could not be established
OFConstantStringA class for storing constant strings using the @"" literal
OFCopyFileFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that copying a file failed
<OFCopying>A protocol for the creation of copies
OFCountedSetAn abstract class for a mutable unordered set of objects, counting how often it contains an object
OFCreateDirectoryFailedExceptionAn exception indicating a directory couldn't be created
OFDataArrayA class for storing arbitrary data in an array
OFDateA class for storing, accessing and comparing dates
OFDeleteDirectoryFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that deleting a directory failed
OFDeleteFileFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that deleting a file failed
OFDictionaryAn abstract class for storing objects in a dictionary
<OFEnumerating>A protocol for getting an enumerator for the object
OFEnumerationMutationExceptionAn exception indicating that a mutation was detected during enumeration
OFEnumeratorA class which provides methods to enumerate through collections
OFExceptionThe base class for all exceptions in ObjFW
<OFFastEnumeration>A protocol for fast enumeration
OFFileA class which provides functions to read, write and manipulate files
OFHashA base class for classes providing hash functions
OFHashAlreadyCalculatedExceptionAn exception indicating that the hash has already been calculated
OFHTTPRequestA class for storing and performing HTTP requests
<OFHTTPRequestDelegate>A delegate for OFHTTPRequests
OFHTTPRequestFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that a HTTP request failed
OFHTTPRequestResultA class for storing the result of an HTTP request
OFInitializationFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that initializing something failed
OFInstanceVariableA class for describing an instance variable
OFIntrospectionA class for introspecting classes
OFInvalidArgumentExceptionAn exception indicating that the argument is invalid for this method
OFInvalidEncodingExceptionAn exception indicating that the encoding is invalid for this object
OFInvalidFormatExceptionAn exception indicating that the format is invalid
OFInvalidServerReplyExceptionAn exception indicating that the server sent an invalid reply
<OFJSON>A category implemented by classes that support encoding to a JSON representation
OFLinkFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that creating a link failed
OFListA class which provides easy to use double-linked lists
OFListenFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that listening on the socket failed
OFMalformedXMLExceptionAn exception indicating that a parser encountered malformed XML
OFMD5HashA class which provides functions to create an MD5 hash
OFMemoryNotPartOfObjectExceptionAn exception indicating the given memory is not part of the object
OFMethodA class for describing a method
OFMutableArrayAn abstract class for storing, adding and removing objects in anr array
<OFMutableCopying>A protocol for the creation of mutable copies
OFMutableDictionaryAn abstract class for storing and changing objects in a dictionary
OFMutableSetAn abstract class for a mutable unordered set of unique objects
OFMutableStringA class for storing and modifying strings
OFMutexA class for creating mutual exclusions
OFMutexLockFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that locking a mutex failed
OFMutexStillLockedExceptionAn exception indicating that a mutex is still locked
OFMutexUnlockFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that unlocking a mutex failed
OFNotConnectedExceptionAn exception indicating a socket is not connected or bound
OFNotImplementedExceptionAn exception indicating that a method or part of it is not implemented
OFNullA class for representing null values in collections
OFNumberProvides a way to store a number in an object
OFObjectThe root class for all other classes inside ObjFW
<OFObject>The protocol which all root classes implement
OFOpenFileFailedExceptionAn exception indicating a file couldn't be opened
OFOutOfMemoryExceptionAn exception indicating there is not enough memory available
OFOutOfRangeExceptionAn exception indicating the given value is out of range
OFPluginProvides a system for loading plugins at runtime
OFProcessA class for stream-like communication with a newly created process
OFPropertyA class for describing a property
OFReadFailedExceptionAn exception indicating a read on a stream failed
OFReadOrWriteFailedExceptionAn exception indicating a read or write to a stream failed
OFRenameFileFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that renaming a file failed
OFSeekableStreamA stream that supports seeking
OFSeekFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that seeking in a stream failed
<OFSerialization>A protocol for serializing objects
OFSetAn abstract class for an unordered set of unique objects
OFSetOptionFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that setting an option for a stream failed
OFSHA1HashA class which provides functions to create an SHA1 hash
OFStreamA base class for different types of streams
OFStreamObserverA class that can observe multiple streams at once
<OFStreamObserverDelegate>A protocol that needs to be implemented by delegates for OFStreamObserver
OFStreamSocketA class which provides functions to create and use stream sockets
OFStringA class for handling strings
<OFStringXMLUnescapingDelegate>A protocol that needs to be implemented by delegates for
OFSymlinkFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that creating a symlink failed
OFTCPSocketA class which provides functions to create and use TCP sockets
OFThreadA class which provides portable threads
OFThreadJoinFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that joining a thread failed
OFThreadStartFailedExceptionAn exception indicating that starting a thread failed
OFThreadStillRunningExceptionAn exception indicating that a thread is still running
OFTLSKeyA class for Thread Local Storage keys
OFTruncatedDataExceptionAn exception indicating that data was truncated while it should not have been truncated
OFUnboundNamespaceExceptionAn exception indicating an attempt to use an unbound namespace
OFUnsupportedProtocolExceptionAn exception indicating that the protocol specified by the URL is not supported
OFURLA class for parsing URLs and accessing parts of it
OFWriteFailedExceptionAn exception indicating a write to a stream failed
OFXMLAttributeA representation of an attribute of an XML element as an object
OFXMLCDATAA class representing XML CDATA
OFXMLCharactersA class representing XML characters
OFXMLCommentA class for representing XML comments
OFXMLElementA class which stores an XML element
OFXMLElementBuilderA class implementing the OFXMLParserDelegate protocol that can build OFXMLElements from the document parsed by the OFXMLParser
<OFXMLElementBuilderDelegate>A protocol that needs to be implemented by delegates for OFXMLElementBuilder
OFXMLNodeA class which stores an XML element
OFXMLParserAn event-based XML parser
<OFXMLParserDelegate>A protocol that needs to be implemented by delegates for OFXMLParser
OFXMLProcessingInstructionsA class for representing XML processing instructions
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