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Ticket UUID: 92e2cd2254acb45f1528d0c39d400b0a57614059
Title: Support for structs in `-[OFInvocation invoke]` on x86_64/SysV
Status: Open Type: Enhancement
Severity: Severe Priority: Medium
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Last Modified: 2024-05-24 21:28:00
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js added on 2020-05-23 19:14:48:

Currently structs (and unions and arrays) are unsupported in -[NSInvocation invoke] on x86_64, as the rules to pass them are quite complex. This needs to be implemented for methods like substringWithRange: to work via forwarding. This will require a lot of tests to make sure each and every corner case from the ABI (and there are many) is handled.

On Win64, the situation is luckily better, because for once, Microsoft did the sensible thing and everyone else didn't.