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      When using `ofhttp` to download a file via HTTPS and ObjFW compiled with OpenSSL for OFTLSStream support, downloads sometimes hang. I collected a few reproducers, but none of them work anymore. However, this issue sporadically still happens. It seems to depend on certain network conditions.
      As a workaround, GnuTLS could be preferred over OpenSSL for 1.0, but then it's even less unlikely to find the root cause for this issue, so it might actually be good to release it with the broken OpenSSL support just to debug this further to fix it.
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      OFTLSStream with OpenSSL implementation sometimes hangs
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      This seems to reproduce it (for now):
      ofhttp https://github.com/vector-im/element-web/releases/download/v1.11.4/element-v1.11.4.tar.gz
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