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Date: 2020-05-23 19:34:40
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This is an incomplete list of third-party libraries for ObjFW. Everybody can add libraries here (click login to register an account), so the quality of the linked libraries may vary. Feel free to add your own library!

  • ObjOpenSSL - Easy-to-use TLS sockets using OpenSSL
  • ObjPgSQL - PostgreSQL-bindings for ObjFW using native collections
  • ObjXMPP - An XMPP library for ObjFW
  • ObjIRC - An IRC library for ObjFW
  • ObjQt - Qt bindings for ObjFW
  • ObjGameKit - A framework for writing games using ObjFW
  • ObjGUI - GUI-abstraction for ObjFW
  • atropine - Graphics library (cross-platform Cairo + Pango wrapper)
  • adenosine - GTK+ 3 wrapper (depends on atropine library)
  • GTKKit - A Multithreaded MVC GUI API for ObjFW (based on GTK 3)
  • PLDatabase - SQL database access library adopted to ObjFW
  • FFIClosure - ObjC wrapper for libffi trampolines