ObjFW  GUI framework - call for help!

Ok, than is here my Reply on this Thread. :D

"Here, I'm interested!"

For me i can say that Option 3 is the way i would wanna go.

First of all my skill set in Objective-C is not so big(nearly null) but I'm very interested to learn it (learn to hack a toolkit and work with objfw/obj-c) with kind of this projects.

My second thoughts for Option 3 is that it will help and push ObjFW as project and i like to help in this kind of way.

I really use a lot of GTK-Applications(gnome and so on... :P ) but if there are more people to build the first steps with QT or something else, I'm fine with that and will jump on, to help the best way i can. 

Side-Info: In the ObjFW-Matrix chat my display name is _ka_