ObjFW  GUI framework - call for help!

Hello Kyle,

thank you for your proposal containing option 6 which I have thought about a while.

First I think that your approach of saving work and getting things done the fast way should really be considered taking into account our very limited manpower. But I'd also like to add that I never considered writing a Gtk wrapper manually but rather to create a generator or use one of the existing ones to accomplish that goal. Nonetheless - that's still much work of course.

I'd also like to add that we should not model anything after AppKit, but rather look at UIKit from my point of view. Just because UIKit is the framework which is way newer and also way simpler than AppKit - at least afaik. I have to admit I've never developed an app using it.

Considering the MVC design pattern I agree with you that Gtk already provides the View part using C language elements (or utilizing GtkBuilder and ui files). So we do not need that part to create apps using ObjFW, which is a great feature of ObjC of course.

I think, what we actually need are the glue parts between the view layer (Gtk or maybe UIKit as a drop-in replacement) and the controller layer. As far as I understood that's the point where UIKit utilizes ViewControllers (VC). I think we also need

1. a way to set ObjC methods as callback functions for a Gtk view and 
2. a way to do data binding / key-value coding.

As I do have too limited experience for both Gtk and UIKit I think I'm going to create a little app using Gtk and UIKit for the views at some point and try to figure out which parts are missing exactly. Once I managed to create the needed parts for a concrete example I think I'd be able to think about a more general solution.

Currently I'm quite confident that it won't be too complicated using ObjC. So even having a first small example app would be a "very nice to have" from my point of view.

As I really like the development going on for Gtk4 and libadwaita (former libhandy) I'd favour trying those.