ObjFW  ChangeLog at 0.2.1-release

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 * Changes of existing features or bugfixes.
 + New features.

ObjFW 0.2 -> 0.2.1, 14.03.2010
 * Fix for OFNumbers not doing calculations.
 * Improved -[hash] for OFNumbers with floats and doubles.
 + Tests for OFNumber.
 * Small optimization for OFArray's -[componentsJoinedByString:].
 * Documentation improvements.
 * Updated copyright.

ObjFW 0.1.2 -> 0.2, 01.02.2010
 + Support for ObjC 2 Fast Enumerations on every platform which has
   compiler support for fast enumerations.
 + Support for ObjC 2 properties on every platform with compiler support.
 + Fast Enumeration through arrays and dictionaries.
 * OFIterator has been removed.
 + OFEnumerator was added to replace OFIterator, which is more general
   and works with arrays and dictionaries.
 + Portable implementation for atomic operations.
 + Portable implementation for spinlocks. They use atomic operations if
   available, if not they fall back to pthread spinlocks. If both are
   unavailable, mutexes are used as a last fallback.
 * -[retain] and -[release] are now atomic. If no atomic operations are
   available, spinlocks are used (which can fall back to mutexes, see
 * -[readLine] now handles \r\n without having the \r included in the
   returned line.
 + OFThread now has -[tryLock].
 * Mutation methods have been removed from immutable interfaces, thus
   already giving an error at compilation instead of at runtime.
 * Dependencies between headers have been reduced, leading to faster
   compile times.
 * The interfaces of OFSocket and OFStream were cleaned up and some
   methods were moved to OFTCPSocket, as they make sense only there.
 * File methods unavailable on Windows don't throw an exception at
   runtime anymore, but instead are not even in the interface on
   Windows. This way, it is a compile time error instead of a runtime

ObjFW 0.1.1 -> 0.1.2, 15.01.2010
 * Fix a bug in OFMutableArray's -[removeObject:] and
   -[removeObjectIdenticalTo:] that could lead to not removing all
   occurrences of the object from the array and to out of bounds reads.
 * Change the URL in the framework plist to the homepage.

ObjFW 0.1 -> 0.1.1, 04.01.2010
 * Fix a missing out of range check for -[removeNItems:atIndex:] that
   allowed the programmer to specify too big ranges so it would crash
   instead of throwing an exception.
 * Fix missing calls to -[retain] and -[autorelease] when getting
   objects from an OFArray or OFDictionary.
 * Safer and more fault-tolerant way to remove objects from an
 * Calling +[dealloc] throws an exception now. If someone really calls
   [SomeClass dealloc], this should be punished and not ignored, as
   this is a serious programmer error.
 * -[readLineWithEncoding:] is more fault-tolerant now and does not
   lose data when it stumbles upon invalid encoding. Instead, it allows
   recalling with the correct encoding now.

ObjFW 0.1, 24.12.2009
 + Initial release