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  • File Makefile — part of check-in [4bc6412b3a] at 2021-03-21 13:30:05 on branch trunk — Remove Travis support

    I've just had it with Travis. I coped with it being extremely buggy and
    basically every single build needing to be restarted a few times until
    it works because their macOS machines (but not only those) are super
    buggy. But then they got even more buggy and it was no longer possible
    to restart builds - which meant it became pretty useless, as every 2nd
    build failed because Travis was buggy and there was no way to restart

    I contacted support about this, but they were unwilling to help me at
    all until I switch plans and continuously pressured me to do so. After
    repeatedly being told that switching plans would fix all my problems, I
    finally gave in and switched to the open source plan. Hurray, I could
    finally restart the failed builds! Only to then notice: After just 2
    builds(!!), they decided that that used up all my credits. I contacted
    support and told them that following their repeated nagging to change
    plans only made it worse and now I cannot do any builds at all anymore.
    I was basically told "Tough luck, we might refill credits in the future,
    but it's currently unimplemented". They did not disclose this fact to me
    when they coerced me to switch plans before "helping" me.

    It is clear by now that Travis isn't interested in the open source
    community at all anymore. They exploited the open source community to
    get big so that companies would buy their services and now that they
    did, they no longer care about open source. Given this, they no longer
    deserve the support of the open source community and given how painful
    it always was to support them due to their extreme bugginess and not
    having any way to test changes before committing them, I am no longer
    willing to invest my time into this to give them free advertising by
    making them able to say how many open source projects use them, and by
    familarizing developers with their product by exposing developers to it
    in open source projects, giving Travis an advantage over competitors.

    I will look for alternatives, and I advise everybody reading this to do
    the same. (user: js, size: 1444) [annotate] [blame] [check-ins using] [more...]

include extra.mk

SUBDIRS = src utils tests
DISTCLEAN = Info.plist		\
	    aclocal.m4		\
	    autom4te.cache	\
	    buildsys.mk		\
	    config.h		\
	    config.log		\
	    config.status	\

include buildsys.mk

.PHONY: docs release

utils tests: src

	rm -fr docs
	doxygen >/dev/null

release: docs
	echo "Generating tarball for version ${PACKAGE_VERSION}..."
	rm -fr objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION} objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar \
	fossil tarball --name objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION} current - \
		--exclude '.cirrus*,.fossil*,.git*' | ofarc -ttgz -xq -
	cp configure config.h.in objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}/
	ofarc -cq objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar \
		$$(find objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION} | sort)
	rm -fr objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}
	gzip -9 objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar
	rm -f objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar
	gpg -b objfw-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar.gz || true
	echo "Generating documentation..."
	rm -fr docs
	doxygen >/dev/null
	rm -fr objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION} objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar \
	mv docs objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}
	echo "Generating docs tarball for version ${PACKAGE_VERSION}..."
	ofarc -cq objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar \
		$$(find objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION} | sort)
	rm -fr objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}
	gzip -9 objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar
	rm -f objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar
	gpg -b objfw-docs-${PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar.gz || true